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Effective Presentations FREE DOWNLOAD

You’re just ONE step away from your free download of MindSpring’s article on Effective Presentations. Please fill out the form below and you will automatically be able to view/download this free article. We welcome you to share it with friends and colleagues. If you or your business need individual or group coaching on how to… Read more »

The Motorcycle Ranger and Emotional Intelligence

By: Terry Hasty “What do emotions and intelligence have to do with each other, anyway?” a disgruntled district ranger asked me when I picked him up at the airport in Asheville. I will never forget the first time I saw him. He was striding toward me wearing a black t-shirt with white letters, “God loves… Read more »

Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap By: Terry Hasty The other day Haydn and I were riding in the car together and I said something I immediately regretted. Somehow when I thought it the sentiment was legitimate, but once it hit the air waves it sounded wrong. The more I tried to talk myself out of what I… Read more »

Suffering’s Source

I am going to continue to focus a number of my blogs on the work of Sri Aurobindo. In my own search for those resources that help anyone who is seeking a greater understanding of life come to grips with his or her life in a truly transformational manner, Aurobindo’s work is the most profound I… Read more »


May 19, 2014 The issue of wholeness and completion is inextricably woven into the nature of being a human being. Determining the nature of your existence and defining the path of your evolution lies at the heart of this issue. As each of us proceeds, we seek where we think that wholeness can be found and will… Read more »

What If I Chose This?

I borrowed the following description of Kurt Godel from a friend of mine, Robert Wilkinson. A mathematical theory with significant evolutionary applications was authored by an Austrian logician named Kurt Godel in 1931. He made a brilliant discovery involving the translation of an ancient paradox in philosophy into mathematical terms. It had to do with a… Read more »

Cause and Effect

Depending on what source of research you choose, it is accurate to say that there are more than 11-12 million people on medication for depression. In its 2011 report, “America’s State of Mind,” the Medco pharmacy found that use of drugs for psychiatric and behavioral disorders rose 22 percent from 2001. My interpretation of that report is that we are essentially losing… Read more »

Stocking Stuffers for Life

There are so many little do-dad’s that are fun to give and recieve, but then we wonder, which shelf will I put this on? How long will I keep the singing Christmas tree out, and will I indulge in the chocolate covered blueberries, or toss them sometime in April? Here are some ideas for stocking… Read more »

Holiday Highlights in Asheville by Mary MacGregor

If you are planning a holiday to Asheville this season, here are some of the best places to see beautiful Christmas light displays: The Grove Park Inn is an historic and pictuesque setting, nestled in an equally gorgeous neighborhood. The Gingerbread House Competition is also a treat, and open to the public Sunday through Thursday…. Read more »