“The leader who understands how process unfolds uses as little force as possible and runs the group without pressuring people.” John Heider

“Dealing with Conflict and Difficult People” focuses on the skill of constructive discontent, which is the ability to remain comfortably uncomfortable in conflict. This is the number one characteristic by which your leadership is judged and remembered. Increasing your ability to give and receive critical feedback in a positive and healthy manner is essential to positive, accountable leadership.

The skill of giving and receiving critical feedback is paramount in developing trust throughout the group. On nearly every performance measure, high performing teams are good at sharing feedback. It’s not personal. Staying calm and deeply intentional in the face of strong words and emotion is the truest indicator of your leadership. How you respond to feedback determines the outcomes of group work. To achieve this goal, MindSpring has created two central strategies that will help you improve your ability to deal with conflict immediately.


  • Learn the true source and key principles of conflict.
  • Learn to give and receive critical feedback effectively.
  • Learn a tried and true strategy for dealing with conflict and difficult people.
  • Improve relationships through authentic and intentional communication.
  • Take away a strategy for communicating through conflict, building trust and sustainable outcomes.