“Conscious Leadership” responds to the vital need for conscious leaders at the helm of organizational and cultural change. It takes self-awareness to understand yourself. But it takes wisdom to understand and lead others. This is the major difference between self-awareness and consciousness. As a result, we believe that the development of consciousness is the future of leadership development.


  • Operate out of a higher purpose.
  • Know when to act with power and decisiveness and when to act with compassion and forgiveness.
  • Display humility and personal power.
  • Understand that treating the effect only postpones solution while treating the cause solves problems.
  • Are willing to endure a short-term loss to obtain a long-term gain.
  • Reinforce awareness, not appearance.
  • Are perpetual students of leadership.
  • Operate with integrity, building trust throughout the organization.
  • Experience profound influence through flexibility rather than force.
  • Sustain a “center” within themselves that can hold in the middle of a storm.
  • Inspire others through their service.
  • Are unbiased, receptive, practices equality, and fair.

YOUR LEADERSHIP MODEL CANNOT BE DUPLICATED, LOST OR STOLEN. Your model is the unique blueprint of your leadership and its evolution. Understanding your model is vital and self-awareness is an essential prerequisite to consciousness, but this program takes you to the next level of application. Pioneering content and developmental processes create a transformational experience.

The outcomes in your leadership, your relationships and your organization reflect your inner attitude. Conscious leadership is having the wisdom and understanding to use all circumstances, the highs and the lows, to further the mission and purpose of your leadership and your business.

It is through a keen understanding of consciousness and how to teach it that MindSpring has truly carved out a new beginning for leadership development. Put yourself on the cutting edge and participate in one of the most influential experiences available for becoming the leader you are capable of being. Registration is limited to 16 participants.