Can you mediate emotional issues without taking sides? Can you relax and remain open and receptive in the middle of conflict?

EQ is a hidden advantage. It is a science of personal effectiveness, leadership, and trusting relationships. It is a dynamic of leadership that can create and sustain trust, loyalty, commitment, productivity, and innovation in organizations when properly managed. We believe strongly that it is the cornerstone of powerful, dynamic leadership.

Through individual and group activities, the “Leadership through Emotional Intelligence” program can serve as a valuable and lasting tool in helping you reach your leadership goals. Therefore, careful attention is paid to the development of a strong foundation. From the individual and group activities and the assessment results, you will be provided the opportunity to address your situation and prepare strategies that address the outcomes you truly desire and ones that your followership requires.


  • Increasing your ability to deal with conflict and critical feedback.
  • Understanding the 5 basic emotions and how they affect your life and work.
  • Stretching your emotional machinery.
  • Increased understanding in dealing effectively with stress and habitually negative states.
  • Training your LeaderSelf to override your StressSelf.
  • Communicate out of Leadership Condition rather than Leadership Position.