How much time does the lack of integrity cost an individual, a team, an organization? How has a lack of integrity damaged relationships in your life? When trust is compromised, what happens to outcomes? We all know that integrity is an essential ingredient to successful teams and relationships, and it can be taught and fostered.

The Leading with Integrity program examines 10 stages of integrity and natural results of each stage, providing clear descriptions and identifiable characteristics of each stage, as well as strategies for moving up the ladder into higher levels of responsibility, performance and organization innovation.

The single most important element in developing organization integrity is individual integrity. Our definition of integrity is having the courage and willingness to take personal responsibility for the outcomes in your life. When that happens, personal power soars. Leading with Integrity is a life-changing experience and a major tool in your leadership development plan.


  • Learn a concrete and practical model of integrity.
  • Learn to predict and avoid negative outcomes from operating without integrity.
  • Be highly motivated to nourish personal and organizational integrity.
  • Eradicate “red zone, dead zone” behaviors and outcomes and enjoy the freedom and personal power of functioning at higher levels of integrity and accountability.


  • A clearly defined plan to increase integrity throughout the organization.
  • Leaders who are true to themselves and align their behaviors with always doing the next right thing.
  • Improved communication, motivation and commitment and accountability.
  • Improved performance individually and organizationally; reduced conflict and grievances.


Any level leader or employee interested in powerful leadership, healthy relationships, and the ability to develop a culture of integrity in their organization.