The very definition of “resilience” reveals its limitation. It is the ability to bounce back after a set-back, to continue on, even in the face of fatigue. It is a very useful attribute, but without time for repair and strategies for wellness, resilience is a temporary resource. We each have our response patterns to stress and over-whelm, whether going on a rampage of eating, working, yelling, shopping, exercising or an escape of sleeping, becoming ill, retreating, avoiding or substance abuse. Centers for Disease Control reports that 87% of disease is preventable. In other words, we are doing it to ourselves.

According to the AMA, stress is the leading cause of additions and illness, as well as premature aging and death. The question is, what are we so stressed about? This program leads you to your true cause of stress and teaches strategies for managing those factors, creating an internal balance of wellness and purpose in your life.

The relationship between mind and body is obvious, but it is not a fair relationship. The body does not have a choice; it must take what the mind delivers. In response, the body develops a unique armor, protecting itself against the demands and fears of the world, the expectations of others, wounds and hurts and negative self-concepts. Wellness of the body is a by-product of the mind. This program incorporates strategies impacting mind, body and emotions for a lifetime of wellness.


  • Identify the habitual triggers that cause you to live in predictable, stressful conditions.
  • Plot your habitual stress processes through the mind, body, emotion, and outcome stages to create new templates of behavior and responses to daily stress.
  • Design and implement healthy mental, physical, emotional, and dietary strategies as response mechanisms to daily demands.
  • Increase your ability to respond effectively to change, pressure, conflict, and uncertainty.
  • Increase your clarity, intentionality and effectiveness.


  • Develop a practice of relaxation, fueling your resiliency in demanding times.
  • Increase your effectiveness in times of stress and conflict.
  • Learn mental, emotional and physical strategies for improving your wellness and decreasing stress and dis-ease.
  • Increased personal power and well-being.
  • Serve as an example and mentor to others in creating a well and balanced life.




$1,495.00 (GSA qualified)

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