The imperative condition for wellness is mental, physical and emotional calm and quiet.

“Resilience, Wellness and Healthy Choices” focuses on increasing your understanding of personal and professional wellness and teaches techniques that reduce stress and improve the mental, physical, and emotional aspects of daily living and working.

Unchecked tension, anger, frustration, and insecurity are all negative triggers into stress that can easily erode your well-being. Discovering repetitive patterns that keep you stuck in these negative emotional states is highlighted. Completing a resiliency assessment and map, the program teaches leaders who constantly deal with daily stress how to develop an effective personal response to stress and increasing awareness of your inner resources to deal productively with stress is emphasized.


  • Identify precisely the habitual triggers that cause you to upload and live in predictable, stressful conditions.
  • Plot your habitual stress processes through the mind, body, emotion, and outcome stages to create new templates of behavior and responses to daily stress.
  • Design and implement healthy mental, physical, emotional, and dietary strategies as response mechanisms to leadership demands.
  • Increase your ability to respond effectively to change, pressure, conflict and uncertainty.