12 Invitations: Spirituality & Meaning in Daily Life

Product Description

"The 12 Invitations" are about helping you develop a new spiritual paradigm for conducting your Self, your life, your relationships, and your life’s purpose. Based upon an extraordinary experience, “The 12 Invitations” can remind you of who you are, of why you are here, and what you are capable of being. While the story is worth hearing, the most important aspect of it are the 12 invitations. Where the story is but a lighthouse, each invitation is a ship upon which to sail the waves of life. The invitations provide you with the oars, mast, maps, and sail to reach your destination but it does not reveal your destination. That is your job, your task, your decision. No one can decide what it is but you. Combined, the invitations render you invulnerable, peaceful, and more conscious with each passing day.