Courageous Choice: Transforming Your Fixed Tape Loop

Product Description

This resource is a personal development tool that will help any individual in any walk of life improve his/her personal and/or work life.

The intention of this digital project is to provide you with the opportunity to gain greater insight into your fixed-tape-loop: the mental, physical, and emotional patterns to which you are addicted. As a result of this insight into your addictions, you can create effective change in your life and work in a fairly short period of time. The 51 audio recordings have been arranged in a powerful manner, moving from the formation of perception to the decision to act.

This resource is meant to take place over the duration of a year. The suggestion is that you listen to only one recording per week as you increase your understanding and application of the presented material.

* Recording lengths vary from 5 to 8 minutes.


  • Improved personal and life work
  • Eliminate mental, physical and emotional addictions in your life
  • Learn how to create a mental linear arrangement


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