Learning to Change

Product Description

This 38 minute relaxation exercise is dedicated to the experience of learning. The intention of the exercise is to help you increase your understanding of learning but most importantly, to increase your motivation to learn and change.

With soft, relaxing music in the background, the process is best experienced in a relaxed state, preferably lying on your back, breathing deeply and easily. Over the course of the process, you will hear approximately 95 principles of learning with pauses between them. These principles are not randomly grouped but intentionally placed together for maximum benefit.

Learning is change! That’s how you know you have learned something! “Learning is Change” is designed to help you see the connection between your life as you are currently experiencing it and your learning as you are practicing it.

To maximize your use of the process, we recommend that you use “Learning is Change” as a relaxation process one time a week until you realize that you are recalling many of the principles. Don’t overthink or over-analyze the principles as you hear them but be aware of any connections in your mind, body or emotions that surface.

We hope you enjoy this wonderful and beneficial process that is certain to motivate you to improve your willingness to learn and create the changes in your life that you truly desire.


Learn to relax in literally minutes!