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Dealing with Conflict, Anger, Disagreement in the Classroom

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Conflict is a natural component of a teacher’s daily life. Whether with student, a colleague, or a parent, conflict is a much neglected realm of development for nearly all teachers. In observing conflict and problems in the classroom, our position is that the teacher is responsible for the problem or exacerbates the problem much of the time. Teachers routinely pass along their discipline problems along to administrators. Dealing with conflict in an effective and healthy manner is mathematically proportional to the individual’s level of constructive discontent, the ability to remain comfortably uncomfortable. Dealing with Conflict, Anger and Disagreement in the Classroomviews conflict as the doorway into mastery and conflict and always reveals the level of teaching mastery you have acquired. These skills are not only invaluable to designing successful classrooms but also to leading more complex groups and settings outside the classroom. This program will transform your perception of conflict, as well increase your ability to deal with it. It is designed to help you:

  • Recognize the different motivating and sabotaging behaviors related to style.
  • Deal with conflict in a positive and healthy manner, always ending up in your LeaderSelf.
  • Decrease punishment as a means of control and motivation.
  • Learn to distinguish between content and context, the subjective and the objective, between intention and compulsion.
  • Motivate others, using conflict, mistake, and disagreement as a learning tool.
  • Create a foundation of behavior that results in highly effective classroom management practices.
  • Develop classroom leadership skills that results in higher performance and student commitment.
  • Gain leadership skills necessary to lead complex learning groups.
  • To increase your skills in dealing with conflict, you will be taught the COIN process, a highly successful system for deal with conflict in which you will significantly increase the likelihood of ending up in the very best of your Self.
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