We have significant experience in group and individual leadership training and development, program facilitation and coaching. Our pioneering work in coaching has resulted in the “Leadership RoadMap©” and the “Leadership Box©,” powerful MindSpring™ tools guiding individuals into a significant understanding of their leadership behavior in a short period of time, separating effect from true cause, creating sustainable change in their life and work.

It is our experience that the arena of training and development must change. Training and development traditionally consists of information sharing and skill teaching, most times not exceeding basic level learning. The true measure of learning is when change occurs. Change occurs and is sustainable when learning is experienced at the engaged and dynamic levels.

Our innovative “Leadership RoadMap©” approach centers on the understanding that the individual possesses a model that cannot be duplicated, lost or stolen. The individual’s model is a one-of-a-kind “biology” that contains the source of their behavioral and performance outcomes. It is not contained in a book, a power point slide show, assessment or manual. These tools can be helpful but the discovery and improvement process cannot be conducted with pre-conceived academic models, concepts and principles. Our process leads the individual to understand more deeply than ever before the true dynamics that are creating the outcomes in one’s life and work, integrating mind, body and emotions.

In our work with individuals, we focus on separating effect from cause. We view behavior as a by-product of mental and perceptual patterns. Behavior is not the source of behavior. As a result, we focus less on behavior and more on identifying and tranforming the source of the behavior which resides in those perceptual fields and patterns which produce the behavior. To accomplish this MindSpring™ has created the “Leadership RoadMap©,” and the “Leadership Box©,” unique discovery processes. The object is for the individual to master their unique leadership model…not someone else’s.

Our goals in this multi-faceted “Leadership RoadMap©” process are to increase significantly the individual’s understanding of their internal leadership model, the fixed-tape-loops that drive that model, the unique barriers that are inherent in every individual model and how to create a pathway into the best of themselves and their LeaderSelf, becoming a guiding light and leadership model for the organization.

We prefer to design face-to-face, day-long or multi-day intensives versus long-distance, restricted, telephone conversations. Our process includes assessments, materials, CDs, follow-up and may involve several coaches working with an individual during the day.


$1,600.00 PER DAY

MindSpring Overview

MindSpring is a very successful training and development firm because of its innovative and proven track record that truly focuses on individual development. With offices in Asheville, Charlotte and Washington, DC, The Center for Integrated Leadership represents a fully integrated development process providing cutting-edge understanding of human behavior and learning processes that result in long-term sustainable change.

We believe that leaders are over-assessed and under-developed. It is time to move away from the simple examination of personality characteristics and into the more rewarding understanding of human consciousness and how change is really created. This requires a different knowledge base that goes beyond the latest book, assessment or psychological fad. While we, too, have our assessment processes, we have focused on creating powerful, experiential processes that highlight the individual’s own unique “biology,” revealing the true source of their behavior.

In 2016 MindSpring’s rich history and experiences resulted in the creation of WellSpring Wellness Center (wellspringasheville.com). The integration of WellSpring into MindSpring expands our ability to integrate mind and body, resulting in transformational learning experiences. The new building expands our campus and services as we seek to create an ever-evolving structure and systems that provide our clients with the most powerful leadership development experience available.

Considering giving us one opportunity to demonstrate capability and skill to you. Take the time to arrange a visit to our impressive facility in Asheville and let’s talk about how we can be of service to you. Of course, we will be happy to visit your location to discuss the possibilities.

It is time to change how training and development is delivered. Experience today MindSpring’s innovative approach to leadership and individual development.

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Custom Services

MindSpring™ Consulting is known not for meeting but exceeding the unique needs of our clients. Whether it’s designing a customized program in the Center for Integrated Leadership, creating video and audio learning products unique for your group, designing your team or company retreat, rafting down the Nantahala River,  zip-lining, having your team complete our “Mission Possible” team-building experience, or creating an online developmental process, MindSpring™ can tailor any program to meet your specific needs.

MindSpring™ can bring programming to your location or we will happily take care of your logistical needs from paperwork to mailing to meals for our Asheville Programs.

Types of Custom Services

From one hour presentations to week-long intensives our custom programs can easily be conducted at your location at our MindSpring™ / WellSpring facility in Asheville. Our services reflect a vast amount of experience in various organizational capacities. With a results-oriented, multi-facteted approach to your training and development needs and logistical concierge services, we can take care of all your training needs!

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GSA Services

MindSpring™ has successfully conducted business with the Federal Government since 1999. Our “Leadership through Emotional Intelligence” program became a national model for the USDA Forest Service.

MindSpring Capabilities

We believe that leaders are over-assessed and under-developed. The enormous exchange of information and knowledge that makes up the majority of training programs does not change a person’s behavior or leadership acumen.

What Makes MindSpring™ Unique

In so many cases, leaders must endure the same information that has simply been repackaged over and over and over. MindSpring™ is dedicated to creating a new platform of training and development that results in transformation and sustainable change by bringing essential possibilities into dynamic potentialities. What sets us apart is:

  • Comprehensive, integrated and innovative curriculum that makes up our Center for Integrated Leadership.
  • Exceptional program delivery: Sustainable outcomes: our work is designed to move from the individual or group from basic information, to engaged application, to dynamic productivity which creates sustainability of the lessons learned.
  • Exceptional instructional delivery: Keen understanding of the learning process: our role is to provide the right information at the right time so the individual or group increases their own wisdom, understanding and application processes.
  • Exceptional customer service: Our superb customer service, turnkey planning, presentation capability, and sustainable outcomes with our clients establish our work as a best value option.
  • Flexibility and Dedication: We travel and accommodate our clients’ needs and schedules. We also have our own training facility in Asheville, NC. Deeply dedicated to this work of helping people become their best, MindSpring expanded its campus this year with the creation of WellSpring, a business dedicated to wellness of mind, body, and emotions. In addition, we expanded our operations in 2014 with MindSpring Metro DC in Alexandria, VA and in 2016 with MindSpring in Charlotte, NC.

MindSpring is excited about our new programming that combines the services of MindSpring™ Consulting and WellSpring Wellness Center. Located next door to MindSpring™, the addition of WellSpring allows us to deepen our commitment to helping individuals development strength, balance and transformation in their lives.

Imagine leaders coming back recharged, inspired and transformed from a whole body wellness day experience.

For inquiries, contact Terry Hasty at MindSpring™ Asheville:

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