We are deeply committed to the mission of our work: to provide individuals with the skills and motivation needed to better their personal and professional lives through the understanding and mastery of the forces shaping them.

All of our highly credentialed coaches have significant experience in group and individual leadership training and development, program facilitation, and coaching. We do not dove-tail on the end of the most recent Harvard Review article or align ourselves with a previously popular model of leadership, but have carved out an original and impacting stance on leadership development and personal mastery. The delivery of our one-on-one coaching services is of the very highest caliber and provides you with results-oriented outcomes you need.

We believe that the content of the mind (thoughts, feelings, memories, perceptions, etc.) creates a physical representation in the brain. The brain sends these signals to the body by way of neuro-transmitters influencing all of the chemical processes in your body, such as serotonin, dopamine, opiates, oxytosin, and many others. These processes create your “biology” and how you deal with the environment. The system is fuIly integrated. Any change affects all of the other processes. It is essentially your model and it is a model so unique that it cannot be lost, stolen or duplicated. This is why a set approach to individual coaching and development is extremely limited. You are not a journey…you are the journey!

In leadership, you can function from your machinery (training and conditioning / mind, body, emotions / the past). Or you can function out of self-awareness / enlightenment / purpose. We want to inspire you to choose the latter…which is a never-ending journey of exploration and learning.

In addition to the hourly process to which many people are accustomed, we also provide day-long intensives for individuals. This process includes all assessments, materials, CDs, follow-up and may involved several coaches working with the individual at the same time.

For more detailed information about our coaching services, view or download our Coaching brochure.