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OBSERVATIONS OF LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT SINCE 1999 Our experiences over the last 18 years have allowed us to redefine for ourselves the nature of leadership development and how individuals should be developed. We have reached the following conclusions but keep in mind, they are only our experiences and observations. They are not in any order of… Read more »

The Source of All Conflict

Conflict is generally misunderstood…we think it is an aspect of other people and their wrong perceptions. Right? Actually other people are not the origin of your conflict. There is an underlying reason for all the conflict in your life and it has to do with you, not them. We avoid conflict for secret reasons, as… Read more »

Effective Presentations FREE DOWNLOAD

You’re just ONE step away from your free download of MindSpring’s article on Effective Presentations. Please fill out the form below and you will automatically be able to view/download this free article. We welcome you to share it with friends and colleagues. If you or your business need individual or group coaching on how to… Read more »

The Motorcycle Ranger and Emotional Intelligence

By: Terry Hasty “What do emotions and intelligence have to do with each other, anyway?” a disgruntled district ranger asked me when I picked him up at the airport in Asheville. I will never forget the first time I saw him. He was striding toward me wearing a black t-shirt with white letters, “God loves… Read more »