The “Developing Young Leaders” program was designed and created for local high-school Juniors and Seniors by Haydn Hasty, M.A., Ed.S., Ph.D., President, and Terry Hasty, M.S., Vice-President, MindSpring Consulting, Inc.

Our foundation and rationale for providing this experience is simple. The sooner a young person is exposed to healthy personal patterns, the more likely it is that the young person will incorporate those patterns in their life as they grow older and fulfill their potential. From 1995-1998, we conducted 27 adolescent programs with 575 participants, ranging in ages from 14-20. The intention of this project was to identify those factors and dynamics that truly contribute to sound adolescent development.
From 1995-2007, MindSpring maintained the contract with Buncombe County Social Services Independent Living Group, providing developmental opportunities in the areas of self-awareness, accountability, dealing with conflict and managing emotions for children in foster care and group homes. From 1994 to 2015, MindSpring was among the highest rated vendors for the NC Teaching Fellows Program, providing week-long developmental opportunities to rising Juniors throughout the NC university system.
The objective of this program is to increase the student’s ability to take responsibility for the outcomes of their life in such a way that a foundation, appreciation, and pursuit of self-awareness is laid. Essentially, we want the participant to increase the chances that they will live a satisfactory and rewarding life as a result of participating in this program. This program can significantly increase the chances that it will happen.
• Each day begins at 9:00 AM and ends at 4:00 PM.
• Lunch is provided.
• This experiential based program concentrates on three core areas: self-awareness, integrity, and managing your emotions.
• The cost of the 5 day program is $425.00.
• All programs take place at the 966 Tunnel Road MindSpring facility.
• In any program activity, regardless of where it takes place, there is no smoking on the MindSpring grounds.
The most crucial element is the student’s willingness to participate. If the student exhibits low willingness, they will not be expected or encouraged to attend. We only ask that the participant commit to the full program process. For those young people who do choose to belong to this significant opportunity, we are certain that they will benefit for years to come.
• Increase your self-awareness and understanding about how you think, feel and behave.
• Pin point your strengths and limitations, increasing your chances of success with your future choices of study and career.
• Increase your understanding of your emotions and why you feel the way you do, increasing your control and use of your emotions, as well as your communication patterns.
• Clarify what you are good at and what you may need help in.
• Significantly increase your chances of forming and maintaining successful relationships.
• Begin the process of learning to deal with conflict in a positive manner.
• Gain an appreciation for other people and their perceptions and behaviors.

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Developing Young Leaders

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