To maintain and nurture an effective team and be able to predict their success, it is important to assess the strengths, weaknesses, and needs of the individuals. Assessing the role the individual plays and contributes to the group dynamic is essential. It is not simply a matter of offering a “cookie-cutter” solution to everyone. Using a style delineator, participants will examine and refine their understanding of their style and the styles of others on the team, increasing their ability to communicate across styles and their appreciation of diversity of thought.


  • Examine and explore perceptions, values, and communication patterns that are being created from your leadership within the group.
  • Understand more accurately than before your relationship to the group and the barriers to greater effectiveness and performance.
  • Identify specific, concrete strategies for addressing those barriers using MindSpring’s top 10 descriptors of high performing teams as a guide.
  • Understanding strengths and blind spots in yourself and others.


  • Learn a feedback system that creates a safe way for team members to communicate through disagreement.
  • Learn implications of behaviors, creating motivation for sustainable change and positive outcomes.
  • Learn to create a climate for performance excellence.


This program can be designed for a team to attend together, or we can bring it to your location to work with your team. Individual leaders may also attend to learn strategies for uniting, inspiring and developing their teams.



$1,495.00 (GSA qualified)

Individual and Group Dynamics: Building Effective Teams
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